Monthly Archives: June 2008

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Perfect Baby Bump

Oh to be pregnant! No sucking in, people are generally nice to you and help out, you get to eat ice cream and you are part of the greatest miracle of all- life! All that and this mommy to be has the perfect little baby bump. No airbrushing here folks- not a stretch mark in […]

Newborn Alex

Is there anything better than a sweet newborn? Alex did great on his first photo shoot! He slept for us at first, but once he was awake, there was no going back. He was so interested in his new environment. At three weeks I was shocked at how strong he was holding his head up. […]

Little Charmer….

He informed me he had TWO girlfriends, can’t you see why? ;) I asked him if it was hard dealing with two girls and he said that he plays with one Sunday and one Monday, but that sometimes they play tug of war and pull him! Hunter is definitely a little charmer and enjoyed having […]


Baby Weldon, such expressive eyes!  He is sitting up and trying his darnedest to crawl away!  He was a trooper, letting us put him in boxes, baskets and even enduring outfit changes!  I hadn’t seen him since Christmas and he has grown so much.  I just love getting to see all the babies grow up, […]


Had a blast with Ryan at the park. At first it was a bit of a mess- the park we were going to had a festival that day, so we went to another park and couldn’t have asked for a better place! Ryan got to see duckies, play n the bridge, hill and play peek […]