Little Bundle Sneak Peek | Austin and Round Rock newborn photographer

Oh, how I love babies!  This little girlie was one month old and wasn’t interested in taking a nap at first.  Everything was just too new and exciting!  Wouldn’t you know that she slept a a good long stretch the night before too.  Mommy has been very lucky in the sleep department!  When mine were this  age sleeping long stretches…not so much!  So she did all her shots wide awake, ate a bunch- this modeling is HARD WORK, and then once in the basket, started to get verrrrryyy sleeeepppy.  Mommy had the magic touch and she was finally out like a light.  I am sure at one month she did not appreciate me posing her while she napped, btu she did a greeat job.  And took a nap in the car and is STILL sleeping good at night for mommy.  What an angel baby ;)

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