Hudson- sneak peek | Round Rock Newborn Photographer

Oh my goodness!  When I saw this little one week old peanut come in today I was so excited.  I mean look at that face!  He came sleepy and I got him all cozy for his first pictures.  Nice and warm- check.  White Noise- check.  Once we started, I swear he knew when I had the camera down.  If I did he would choose that second to smile.  seriously.  Not once, I would say 5 times!  You are quick Hudson, but I still gotcha!  And let me tell you, he is the strongest baby ever.  He would lift his head and on his belly use his feet to push himself.  He moved, I kid you not!  Someone needs to let him know he is only one week old.  At this rate, he will be rolling over next week- HAHA.  Mommy is going to be busy and watching you like a hawk.  Thanks for coming Hudson- excited to see you grow this year.

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