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Mariel Reyes Photography Blog » Summertime!


WOW!  Where did the school year go?  It is SUMMER!  Looking at these always makes me think of summer.


We were so lucky to have the BEST teachers this year- seriously, I could not have chosen better teachers for my kiddos.  So as we said goodbye, I wanted to give them something different.  Being a Pinterest addict, I saw some things to try and the kids and I have a lot of fun making these.  *  OK, here is where I go off on a tangent…  If you do not know what Pinterest is- you must check it out.   That is, if you want to get sucked into another website!  I LOVE it.  It is like creating bulletin boards of your favorite things so you can come back to them later and getting to see all your friends boards.  ENDLESS INSPIRATION!  Click the link above to go to my boards.  There are decoration ideas, fashion, parties, DIY, crafting,  food (yes, I have a food board even though I rarely cook— but I COULD cook…I think) and- well pretty much anything out there!   And now that there is an iphone app…sheesh- forget about it!  Free time is now Pinteret time ;)*

Sorry for the dark snapshots- I took these late at night.  If you know me, I am a night crafter. hee hee

I hope everyone has a great summer!  Looking forward to fun sessions and new inspirations!

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