I love taking pictures. Capturing that little smirk, that precious pout, the way they tilt their eyes at you. All the things we love about our kids… just the way they are…right now in this very moment. One thing is certain, time goes by so fast. Remembering when their tiny foot used to fit in the palm of your hand gets harder. That is why I love photography. I can always look back at how things were – in that moment. Like they say “photograph your memories and you live life twice.” I have always lived by this mantra. I still have my pictures from my first Polaroid Sun Camera. These pictures of my childhood are a treasure trove of memories that I will cherish forever. Capturing life became a passion for me with the birth of my two children. I strive to take quality portraits with emphasis on each child- whether in my studio or on location. I would be honored to do the same for you. You will never hear me tell your child to “SAY CHEESE”, but you may hear me sing, talk silly, jump up and down and act downright goofy. Whatever it takes to get that true genuine smile you love so much.

My photography and design work has been featured in the Austin American Statesman, Texas Cheerleader Magazine, Austinwoman Magazine and various websites.