Printing photos for your planner from your phone


I used to print photos for my planner using at Polaroid Zip. I loved how easy it was, but I was never happy with the photo quality.  Uploading photos to my computer from my phone and then resizing them in photoshop took a lot of time and I would tend to fall behind on planning.

I found a great solution to print photos right from my phone wirelessly that are sized 1.5 in x 2 in and fit perfectly in the columns of my Happy Planner.  Here is a video of my process using the Diptic App. I print them on 4×6 photo paper and then use my cutter.   I haven’t done a video before and the lighting is dark, but I wanted to be sure you can see the screen!  I will be sure to use my real camera for the video next time! 😉


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