Customizing My Happy Planner

Sorry I haven’t blogged in FOREVER! It’s been crazy, but hopefully you are following me on Instgram and my blog posts on the me and my BIG ideas blog as a Design Team Member (still pinching myself about that!) I will work on posting more here in 2017!


I have been wanting to customize my Happy Planner for a while now and thought the new year would be the perfect time for a refresh! The DIY cover makes it easy to create a new look. I used some mambi sheets and a mambi sticks sticker to create a home binder. The instructions are super easy and fast. Now that I know how simple it is, I plan to make more that include photos as well! You can also easily add a sticker to an existing planner cover to give you a new look. For the mini, I used a Happy Planner cover and flipped it- so the inside was on the outside and added a sticker from the Faith Value sticker Pack for a whole new cover look.
I didn’t want to stop there. I love all the options of disc colors available on the mambi website, but really wanted some soft colors to go with the new cover I created as well as the snap in cover. I wanted light pink to match my Rose Gold snap in cover for my big planner. I went to the hardware store and got spray paint that adheres to plastic. I used the expander disc and some minis and sprayed one side. Once thoroughly dry, I painted the other side. You must have patience and make sure it DRIES COMPLETELY.  Otherwise when you put the cover on you can scratch it. I love the new fresh look!
 apaint apaint2
This is my FAV! the light pink matches the Rose Gold snap in cover perfectly!

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